Is it compliant with building code regulations for Stairs & handrails?

Both ladder and the Hybrid stairs are built as closely to ‘AS 1657-4.2.1.Fixed platforms, walkways and ladders’.  And NCC as guides, as both versions are actually considered ladders, even though the stair version has a hand rail, optional safety gate and similar tread rise and run to normal stair requirements. But due to the never before seen design mechanisms and compact functionality, it is difficult to relate completely to anything already standardized and testing legislation alterations are ongoing.

What materials are they made from?

These products are specifically made from sustainably sourced Bamboo composite ply.  Due to its tensile strength, flexibility, weight, aesthetic and unsurpassed sustainable aspects. There is no other organic material that can compete with Bamboo across all aspects!

What weight capacity can they handle?

-These Ladder and stair products have been tested in house to SWL’s (safe working loads) of 200 kg and 175 kg respectively

Are these products hard to install?

Site specific fitting and installation is recommended to be undertaken by qualified professionals i.e. Most builders, carpenters etc. but due to the simplicity of the product, most any competent handy person can install without any infrastructure modifications or special tools within a few hours.

These products can also be shipped in a disassembled package to reduce freight costs and require assembly in location

How easy are they to open and close ? Could an elderly person do it or does one need more strength?

These products are all counter balanced with a simple spring mechanism so the act of opening and closing can be achieved by both the young and the elderly.  Each piece is balanced to be almost weightless once installed.  Both can be operated from the ground or from the landing.  The Hybrid stairs uses the movement of the handrail to operate the stairs and safety gate from the landing or ground and like the ladder, you can use the moving stringer to open and close from the ground or landing

-Are there other security features?

Apart from the automatic compacting handrail and the optional security gate mechanism found on the Hybrid stairs, locks can be attached to either version, fixing them into an open position or closed position, thus creating an unsurpassed security system denying all access between floors.